A report from Paris 2010 Part 1

A selection of festival souvenirs including Superdoll fan!

Well dear reader, as I am now safely back in the UK I thought I ought to put finger to keyboard and right a review of my first Fashion Doll convention. So here we have part 1…

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 took place at the Novotel Paris Est at the end on the Metro Line 3 in Bagnolet. Which is somewhere you wouldn’t normally find yourself for a weekend in Paris, I shouldn’t think, unless of course you happened to be a fashion doll lover! However the welcome there was friendly enough and the hotel modern and comfortable. We arrived a day early due to my birthday falling on the night prior to the main events but nonetheless there were still some ‘doll people’ already ensconced. My companion was particularly sensitive to spotting them, despite (or because of!) not being one themselves!

The first day’s events began on the evening of the 12th March with the Superfrock breakout event ‘Disco 3000’. Registration began that afternoon. This is were we discovered that the promised convention exclusive Barbie had failed to materialise due to some error or other at the Mattel end. Instead we got to choose from several of the newer Barbie repros and we ended up with ‘Student Teacher’ and ‘Astronaut’ respectively. The rumour later was that the convention exclusive doll was to have been a colour variation Astronaut. That would make sense, I suppose, given the theme of the festival was ‘Haute Couture of the Future’.

The Superfrock Venus D'Royce medallion

There was quite a wait for that evening’s event to begin but then this was France and it would be rude to be on time according to the local custom! However, with a suitable level of anticipation, it wasn’t long until we were issued with small pink packages and silver wristband. Theses were the keys to getting our hands on the exclusive Sybarite doll later on that night. The packages turned out to contain necklaces, medallions in fact, of the Venus D’Royce moniker. Venus of course being the most famous of the Sybarite head sculpts. Charles Fegan and Desmond Lingard, the chaps behind Superfrock Ltd, then made their entrance, suitably attired in futuresque disco garb.

The festivities were really on now and as well copious champagne and cocktails we were treated to metallic trunked go-go dancers on the catwalk. Let us just say that there was plenty of audience participation! Then the real meat of the evening came around and TICK, the exclusive Paris event Sybarite, was handed out. She came presented in commemorative shipper decorated with Superdoll motif smiley faces. Plus a welcome handle for the onward trip home! Many of the guests were soon seen scurrying to survey their doll in the privacy of their rooms. However I chose to head straight to the bar and drew quite a crowd as I inspected my new gal.

The Superdoll becomes a smiley!

She is quite a beauty, I should tell you and I will be making a detailed review and taking more photographs for your viewing pleasure very soon. One of her key points are the compacts concealed in the soles of her shoes which were pointed out to me by none other than Desmond himself. There were to be four dolls in all presented over the weekend, TICK, TOCK, Slipper and Librium. The rest of the evening continued as it began and I can safely say, a good time was had by all!

To be continued…

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