Haute Doll magazine bows out

One of the brightest stars in the fashion doll world will soon be no more

It is with great sadness that I have learnt that Haute Doll magazine, a perennial favourite amongst fashion doll lovers, will soon be no more. It seems that the the publishers has become yet another victim to the ongoing economic downturn and have decided to ‘retire’ from publishing as from the July/September issue.

Although the magazine will no longer be published as is we do know that it will become a ‘supplement’ in Doll Reader, published by Madavor Media. The first of these is due to be published in October. It is not yet known if there will continue to be the exclusive dolls that we have come to know and look out for. Particularly the Sybarite lovers amongst us who have long benefited from the special relationship the Superfrock boys had with HD.

  • http://www.maisonmariegeorge.blogspot.com Marie-Georgie Jacob

    I a new fashion designer for fashion dolls and it just hit me when I’ve headr the sad news! I have to say, but it’s going to be a bit hard, not only for us the fashion doll designers but also for young business doll companies and artist! But I am someone who’s positive in life and new publications will come in the market!



  • http://www.maisonmariegeorge.blogspot.com Marie-Georgie Jacob

    When I’ve the the sadly news, it just hit me like a wall! I am a new fashion doll designer on the market and let’s be honest is going to be very hard , not only for us fashion doll designers but also to all new doll collectors, doll companies and doll artisants. But I am positive. I am sure there will be a new fashion magazine outhere and as edgy!

    Love Marie-Georgie

    • http://www.dollobserver.com Doll Observer

      Yes it is a great disaster but I do hope it doesn’t affect those such as yourself.

  • http://Peoplepc.com Dorothy gray

    Hello,what is the last issue? Of haute doll magazine and is it out on stands?

    • http://www.dollobserver.com Doll Observer

      Hi Dorothy,
      The July?August edition will be the last one which should be out now. In the preface the editor thanks all those who have contributed to the magazine and also that all subscriptions have been taken over by Doll Reader magazine and will be fulfilled. I am glad I didn’t take out a years subscription which I was about to do though, as I would want HD not doll reader!

  • Bindi

    I have been so disappointed that this awesome publication is no longer available.
    I used to make a special trip to the local Boarders Books every other month to pick up a copy of the current issue. So sad. It was such a beautiful publication. It will be sorely, and sadly missed. :(

    • Lilly

      how sad, I cannot believe it!
      I bought regularly HD in kiosk while in Canada. In Spain, since 3 years, I was truly looking forward to received it each 2 months at my house.
      beautifully done and well informed it’s a reel friend I am going to loose.

      • http://www.dollobserver.com Doll Observer

        Yes it is very sad Lilly. HD was definitely the best of the doll magazines that I know of. A huge loss to the fashion doll world and for us collectors!

    • http://thedollobserver.wordpress.com dollobserver

      Yes it is such a shame and will be very much missed.

  • DalBones

    This is the most depressing thing I have heard in a while…What is this world coming to?!?

  • http://yahoo mary witmer

    Sorry to hear such a great one has hit the dust.

    • http://dollobserver.com/members/cqgvkb/ Simon Farnworth

      Don’t worry Mary. Since I wrote this blog Haute Doll has been resurrected by DOLLS Magazine as a quarterly and is even better than ever! See this site for more details: http://www.dollsmagazine.com