Barbie loses out to Bratz this time around

The latest legal wrangle between MGA, makers of Bratz, and the ever litigious Mattel has thrown up a surprise twist. This time round Barbie has come out as the loser and owes the Bratz gals a payout of nearly 90 million dollars!

The ongoing fight between the two companies over exactly who owns the copyright of the Bratz doll line has rolled on for several years with the previous court room ruling in 2008 ruling in favour of Mattel. Not so this time but then barbie does have her 120 plus careers to fall back on in order to come up with the cash.

Failing that she could always sell a dream house or two!

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  • Joe

    This is truly a wonderful doll. Her body type is exactly like Princess of Portugal’s and similar to that of Princess of Ireland. The first thing I noticed when I removed her from the box was that her dress was not removable like the other princesses. But still, it’s a great doll and dress. Her hair is upswept into a bun which is behind a wonderful tiara w/ little…