The Geometry of Colourvision…

The Superfrock Superdoll site saw the release of Geometry, the second gal in the Colourvision series. The site also saw the addition of a brand new frock made just for her entitled PICNIC MAGNET. As usual these works of fashion doll art may not be around very long. However at £458 plus VAT this particular Doll Observer is happy to see what comes along next! Here is the blurb:

“Like a Goddess… no excuses!
Bright magenta hose, and multicolour corset embroidered in harlequin grid metal components and yellow grosgrain flatbow, feather photographic print strapless glamour chaps with heavily embroidered hemlines interdispersed with transparent gauze, custom print reverse satin square slink skirt slashed up the front. Metal accent magenta closed toe sling back shoes and crimped wig of electric magenta and lime in a simple centre part flowing to below her waist!
‘ponygirl’ headpiece of steel with electric blue plume..”



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