Why should I join DollObservers.com?

“The BEST doll site on the web” – Mark, USA

DollObservers.com is the social network site for Fashion Doll Lovers. Whether your passion is Barbie, Tonner, Sybarite, Fashion Royalty or all of the above! Or whether you prefer your dolls Vintage or New, then this is the site for you. This is a true community of doll lovers and together we can discover a whole world of Fashion Dolls!

Once you sign up you will be able to enjoy and join in with the following activities and features:

  • Have your own ‘My Page’ which you can customise, rearrange and choose from a range of cool apps to add right there on your page
  • See a member you like? Add them as a friend! The more you engage with other members the more friends you will make. Invite your non-member friends to join you too!
  • Active members stand the chance of being nominated as a Superstar Member!
  • Connect DollObservers.com to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post to all 3!
  • Add your Doll Photos and arrange them into albums. Other members can comment and socially engage with them
  • Upload Doll Videos or embed YouTube movies. Other members can comment and socially engage with them
  • Read member Fashion Doll Articles (blogs) and add your own
  • Join in and engage with the fashion doll discussions in the Forum
  • Join a specific Doll Groups such as ‘Barbie”, “Buy & Sell’, ‘Tonner Dolls‘, ‘Moxie Teenz‘ and more. Don’t see a group for you? Then create and maintain your own!
  • Do you run or know of Fashion Doll events? Then add them to our events page and invite your friends too!
  • Follow all the action in the Activity Feed on the front page in order to keep up with members’ posts. Add Photos, Videos, Articles, Discussions and Events as well as Status Updates right there in the feed
  • Every month we have a different Doll Theme. Previous themes have included ‘Science Fiction’, ‘In The Sun’, ‘Love’ and lots more. Members can enter a theme pic for a chance to win a $20 cash prize! It lots of fun and a very popular feature
  • Look out for occasional offers and competitions to win cool Fashion Doll prizes!
  • Our site is ever evolving and new features are added all the time.

Phew, as if that wasn’t enough, DollObservers.com is absolutely FREE to join. All we ask is that you consider donating an amount of your choice in order to help with upkeep and running costs. The suggested donation is just $11.95 for 12 months of membership. That amounts to less than $1 per month!

Regardless of whether you donate or not, everyone who joins or signs up for our newsletter will receive a FREE Barbie eBook. Cool!

Still not convinced? Then check out some Member Testimonials:

“When you join DollObservers, as I did one year ago, you find those people, you got those friends all over the globe, and you share the passion, the friendship, the fun” – Lilly, Superstar Member, Spain

“I want to share my joy over dolls with others, and in real life I just can’t. And right here it works in two directions; I can post photos of my dolls that I’m proud of and receive comments, and I can enjoy other people’s beautiful dolls and be inspired :)” – Evelien, Netherlands

“Users can enjoy the camaraderie of doll collecting with a multi-faceted group rather than just one certain doll being in the spotlight. You can be exposed to dolly joys you wouldn’t otherwise notice through the eyes of their admirers and maybe even fall in love with a new doll yourself… And of course, my favorite: “Theme of the Month Group” allows you to fully participate with other collectors in a healthy and friendly competition in which you can show off not only your favorite dolls & collections but their wardrobes, accessories, props and dioramas that go hand in hand with doll collecting!” – Mark, USA

“It’s really great to meet doll lovers from all over the world. As for me, the atmosphere is very important. Of course there are people who collect fashion dolls, BJD, reborn dolls and antiques at the same time but generally I see the collectors with strong preferences for one type of dolls over the others. My own collection is 95% fashion dolls, so I love being among people with the same doll preferences. Thank you Simon, for giving the fashion doll lovers from all over the world the chance to unite on such a website!” – Katie, Russian Federation

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