The Fashion Doll Award Winners Are Announced Fashion Doll Awards 2012 LogoToday, Sunday 19th February 2012, at 6pm GMT the winners of the first ‘Annual Fashion Doll Awards’ or ‘DOFDAs’ were announced. Eager fashion doll lovers and community members were treated to live announcements via online chat and tweets (#DOFDAs). Each nominee was chosen by the DollObservers members and winners were selected by public vote.

Winners in several categories included superdoll_collectables and Integrity Toys as well as award nods for Mattel and Tonner Doll. One of the winners, George Gonzalez from Angelic Dreamz, was even online to ‘accept’ his Award for ‘Best Online Retailer of the Year’. George later stated that, as well as his win, he was “honoured” to have also been nominated in a total of 6 categories, including ‘Best 16″ Fashion Doll’ and ‘Best Fashion Doll Designer’.

The Awards also mark the second Anniversary of which came into being on 20th February 2010. We have come a long way since then, thanks to a dedicated community of members.

Here is the full list of Award Nominees & Winners:

1. Best 12″ Scale Fashion Doll

Barbie Basics ‘Model No. 14 – Collection 002.5‘ (Mattel)
Fashion Royalty ‘Modern Comeback‘ Véronique Perrin (Integrity Toys) WINNER
NU.FACE ‘Quiet Storm‘ Annik (Integrity Toys)
tokidoki‘ Barbie Doll (Mattel)
VINTAGE REVLON ‘Blushing Bride‘ (Tonner Doll)

2. Best 16″ Scale Fashion Doll

2PM‘ (Ficon Doll)
Feeling Fatigue‘ Ellowyne Wilde (Wilde Imagination)
JAMIEshow Holiday 2011 ‘MADAME‘ Eshe (Angelic Dreamz)
Joyeux Anniversaire‘ BJD Tyler Wentworth Exclusive (Tonner Doll)
Sybarite ‘Gothica‘ MarlB Exclusive (superdoll_collectables) WINNER

3. Best Male Fashion Doll (any scale)

Barbie Basics ‘Model No. 17 — Collection 002‘ (Mattel)
Cami and Jon ‘Party All Night Andy‘ (Tonner Doll)
Pop Culture Collection ‘Captain Jack Sparrow Doll‘ (Mattel)
Dynamite Girls ‘Summer Daze‘ Kyu (Integrity Toys) WINNER
Dynamite Girls ‘Radiant Child‘ Remi (Integrity Toys)

4. Best Celebrity Likeness in a Fashion Doll

Ava Gardner ‘Hearts Ablaze‘ (Tonner Doll)
Grace Kelly ‘To Catch A Thief‘ (Mattel)
Green Lantern‘ Carol Ferris Barbie Doll (Mattel)
Captain Jack Sparrow Doll (Mattel) WINNER
‘Twilight’ Jasper Hale (Tonner Doll)

5. Best Costume 12″ Scale (fashion only release)

FR2 ‘Sheer Bliss‘ (Integrity Toys) WINNER
NU.FACE ‘In The Trenches‘ (Integrity Toys)
REVLON ‘Velvet Dazzle‘ (Tonner Doll)

6. Best Costume 16″ Scale (fashion only release)

OVAZ DESIGN for JAMIEshow ‘Sole Priority‘ (Angelic Dreamz)
Gowns by Anne Harper Collection ‘The Capulet’s Daughter‘ (Tonner Doll)
Sybarite ‘Black Bird Society‘ (superdoll_collectables) WINNER

7. Best Fashion Doll Accessory/Playset/Furniture Item (any scale)

Barbie Basics ‘Look No. 02 – Collection 002.5‘ (Mattel)
Monster High ‘Draculaura Coffin Bed‘ (Mattel)
Princess Chair (Horsman Ltd)
JAMIEshow St. Tropez Collection ‘The Morphogenesis Lounge‘ (Angelic Dreamz)
TONNER Wardrobe (Tonner Doll) WINNER

8. Best Fashion Doll manufacturer/designer

Charles & Desmond (superdoll_collectables) WINNER

9. Best Online Fashion Doll Retailer

Angelic Dreamz ( WINNER
Barbie Collector (
Doll Attic (
Tonner Direct [now Tonner Doll] (
Vogue Collectibles (

10. Innovation in Fashion Doll Articulation Award (any scale) 2011

FR2 (Integrity Toys) WINNER
JAMIEshow Generation 2 (Angelic Dreamz)
Liv Dolls (SpinMaster)
Sybarite Gen 3.1 (superdoll_collectables)

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