Here Come the Fashion Police and Superdoll KATANA Investigates!

Superdoll KATANA Sybarite DollThe latest Superdoll_Collectables collection is Fashion Police and yesterday the first doll in the line was put up for sale on the Superfrock website. Her name is KATANA and she is a ‘criminologist’. KATANA comes in the Fogu sculpt and is rather unusual indeed. I love the wig and the face-up but am yet undecided on the outfit. What are your thoughts?

Here’s the official lowdown:

“GEN 3:2
Fugu clone: 0702, pale skintone!
Criminologist Katana!
Charcoal dusted lids and liner in pure black defining the crimescene! Pale grey eyes.
Custom laser latice overlaid knee length strapless frock with inset back bustle of latice. White footless hose, suicidal wrist wraps in white, and white patent Fashion Police monogram belt.
Hair of grey & white blend in center parting with a pair of braided pigtails bound in red ribbon.
Accessories consist: face pac facemask, lime white and black platform sandals and matching forensic size handbag. White enamel dip crucifix earings.Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.”

KATANA Superdoll Sybarite Doll

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