Summer 2012 Belongs to Superdoll

It has been a busy time lately for Superdoll Collectables, what with their recent move of premises, the stunning Abe Lane dolls, the Milan Convention event and the final releases in the Fashion Police line. Not to mention the announcement of the second Superdoll Convention ‘Youthquake’ taking place this autumn. So it came as a wonderful surprise that they had a little something up their sleeves to mark the upcoming Olympics in a way that only they could. a For those of you who have seen the August edition of Haute Doll magazine you will have seen a rather large hint in the form of their back page ad!

So today saw the release of this new girl, Dionysis, and her array of fabulous sporting accessories! Of course this is Superdoll, so when I say sporting I don’t mean the usual functional track wear; you are unlikely to see many Olympic Athletes competing this year in sequin boob tubes and multicoloured go-go shorts! I must say I have been very excited by Dionysis since I saw her in HD as I have been keen to add a versetile basic Syb to my collection in order for redressing, re wigging and play and Dionysis really fits the bill. What with her neutral make up and flocked dark brown hair. The accessory pack deserves special mention too, not least of all because it has sold out, but for it contains the holy of holies: a set of interchangeable hands! Yay!

Check out the Special Summer 2012 Items on Superdoll now!


Catch this cool Dionysis video too:


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