Superdoll Dionysis Wins Her Champ_Paq

Today the eagerly awaited Champ_Paq, the accessory pack designed specifically for Go Go Champ Dionysis, arrived! For those that know me, and my love of all things accessory,  you will understand just how excited an array of accessories by Superdoll Collectables can make me! Boob tubes. shorts, space blanket, laurel wreath, opera gloves, Godiva wigs and a magnum of champagne are all present and correct. Not to mention the interchangeable hands! Oh, still my beating heart!

Although I must say I have been afraid to use the hands this far, as I have no idea how to change Syb hands without experiencing an overwhelming fear of doing some serious damage! If anyone knows how do please let me know, I will be eternally grateful!

Anyhow here are some quickly put together pics. I plan on doing a lot more over the weekend!

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