Superdoll Spin Some Macrame for Halloween 2012

For Halloween 2012 the Superdoll Collectables Boys have really spoiled us in the form of a gorgeous Sybarite named Macrame. Spoting the rarely seen, but popular, Voltaire sculpt and in suitably spooktastic garb, including killer boots,  she is already bringing Superdoll fans out in a cold sweat of anticipation prior to her release on Halloween tomorrow.

She will come in a limited release of 100 so be sure to hurry to avoid disappointment!

Superdoll Sybarite Doll Macrame

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One Response to “Superdoll Spin Some Macrame for Halloween 2012”

  1. Sylvia L.
    November 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm #

    Not as intriguing and fabulous as previews Halloween Offerings from Superdoll. Her outfit is more Costume than Haute Couture ( all that over sized fringe is hardly anything you’d see or seen on the runways 2 years a go when Macrame was a big hit). And her extra long wig with different colored tips is fine but very drag queen and very passe. Her makeup, albeit gorgeous, is too spring like for it to be comfused with anything but a spring release doll….and Halloween is fall..and shouldn’t it be darker more intense…I think superdoll missed the mark here.

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