Superdoll Cadanza Sold Out but There’s a Snow Panther on The Way!

Yesterday saw the second of the Superdoll Collectables Ultra Vicious Dolls, Cadenza, go on sale. However within a couple of hours she was sold out and it must be said that I am glad The Boys are keeping dolls online for a couple of days rather than removing them as soon as all the girls are sold… So helpful for those of us who miss seeing what all the fuss is about!

Cadenza is a Voltaire sculpt “Wearing a figure hugging dropneck sequined dress. Rose coloured eyeshadow with black eyeliner, rose blushed lips. Brown stiletto heels and matching clutch completes her look. Accessories include handcuff earrings, super-visor and glam-lipmask”.





















And tomorrow we can look forward to a new outfit: Snow Panther!

snow panther

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