Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2013 is Bound to be a Whole Heap of Fun

madrid fashion doll showWhilst I was at the Italian Doll Convention at the end of June I was very pleased to meet the delightful Mónica Núñez del Castillo who is a talented doll artist and one of the driving forces behind the Madrid Doll Convention. It really sounds like it will be a blast!

Official Convention Madrid Fashion Doll Show Press Release

The Madrid Fashion Doll Show convention is organized by the official Barbie club “Coleccionistas de Fashion dolls en Madrid” and Sponsored by Mattel. This year´s convention doll won´t be a Mattel manufactured doll but a Barbie doll handmade by artists Luis Manuel Gomez Pulido and Mónica Núñez del Castillo based on a Paco Alcaide´s design .
You can see their work, on dolls like “Une nuit á Madrid” donated for the Paris Silent auction or “La Belle du Mouline Rouge” donated for the Charity raffle at Milan convention.
The convention doll for the event will be a red carpet beauty as the convention theme is going to be “CINEMA” to get her you will have to attend to this fabulous collector´s party
This convention means to be an event to join Fashion dolls collectors all over Spain and Euro to celebrate and share their passion for this special world and were the queen will be Barbie but you will be able to enjoy other dolls like Monster High, Fashion Royalty, Tonner, Nancy and of course JamieShow doll.
At the Madrid Fashion Doll Show there is going to be a selected JamieShow doll event where you will be able to get a Limited convention doll.
There is going to be a spectacular showroom and Salesroom. Salesroom will be open to Public on Sunday.
Another important part of the event is the Charity project ; We are going to hold a benefit auction at “Madrid Fashion doll show” and benefits will be use to collaborate with the red cross campaign “No child without a Toy at Christmas ”. We have already involved some OOAK Spanish and International artist who are going to donated fabulous creations for it, we are sure it is going to be a great thing.
We are willing to Join collectors and artist all over Europe.
The event will have different fees:

Pink power collector’s partner pack (just event, no gifts, no doll) 95€

Collector’s party pack (event + gifts ) 110€

Pink power convention pack (event + gifts + convention doll) 175€

Vip package (event +gifts + DOLL + OUTFIT(*) fits silkstone / FR doll) 210€


Early registration 11 am 12:30 pm
– BARBIE THROUGH HISTORY (from vintage n#1 to modern times)
– Pre-view EVENT (top secret)
-Fashion doll Lectures and workshops 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Fashion Royalty Contest with prices (dress your fashion royalty doll like a movie actress)

Afternoon: Pink Hawaiian Cocktail / FR Party (in the hotel pool) 7:30 pm
Cosplay Contest: Dress up yourself as your favorite Barbie

Evening: all staying people at the hotel will enjoy the Pink Pajama Party ( roomsales, bring your OOAK dolls or your stuff to sale or trade)


Late registration 11 am – 12:30 pm
EXIBITIONS: Open 11 am
Morning: winners choice … 11 am -12:30 pm
People will vote the best contest doll (Popular choice)
-Fashion doll Lectures and Workshops 2:30 – 3:30
– BARBIE PHOTO FILM (Barbie photograph related to cinema)
– OOAK BARBIE MOVIE (Barbie or Ken dress as a famous movie theme)
Registration 3:30 pm 4:00 pm

Afternoon: Workshops and talks 5:00 pm

Afternoon / evening: Gala Dinner 8:00 pm
CONTEST: bring your companion Barbie dressed in a movie theme.
CONTEST: dress yourself like your favorite movie.
– Surprises, gifts, convention doll give away.
– Event Top Secret

After dinner, open bar with Disco Fashion Style.


-Showroom/Salesroom 9:30 am -10:00 am only conventioneers 10:00 am 05:00 pm open to public
-Another event to be confirmed (Top secret!).
*More things will be add to the program this is an indicative Schedule, we will be posting new information at our official website

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