Cirque: Halloween Superdoll Style

As is now a Halloween tradition Superdoll released a special edition Sybarite on 31st October and her name was Cirque. This year the boys did not disappoint and she is a stunner! With her hollywood glam look and sultry faceup I have never seen the fugu sculpt look so darn fabulous. I also love the bloodied vampire tooth marks on her neck! I certainly envy anyone lucky enough to get her before she sold out.

It’s also great to see much better photography to help do the doll justice on the website, let’s hope this continues. The blurb for Cirque goes something like this:

“Eyes of oxblood, lids dusted in ruby and charcoal eyeshadow, multiple liner in grey & black. Lips of blackened blood. Lounging as she does in a nude silk satin kimono bearing custom ‘free the bats’ print and gilt SUPERDOLL seal. All of this with 2 tone tie belt. Underneath she wears bleeding skull and crossbone corselet and panties with matching hose and stiletto’s. Hair of beige, coiffed to within an inch of her vicious brows and cascading into tumbling retro curls. Accessories consist her mask, matching skull and crossbone armlets and ‘gold’ AW tag earrings.”

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