New JEM and the HOLOGRAMS Dolls From Integrity Toys

On Thursday Integrity Toys sent out a special email to their W Club Members with news about the final round of dolls for 2013 and it’s great news for Jem fans! We can expect a brand new 2 doll Jem/Jerrica Benton giftset called ‘Who is he Kissing’. The set is based on the original Hasbro Jem doll Flip Side fashion called ‘Getting Down to Business’ which featured reversible outfits to fit the one doll. In the updated version we have two distinct outfits on two distinct dolls, with the intention to more perfectly match the cartoon version of Jerrica Benton and her alter ego Jem.

I’m note sure why Integrity don’t use the head-swapping technology they invented for the Mommy Dearest doll in these cases. It would be perfect for the Jem/Jerrica change over. Plus it would save on the price! The set will retail for $185, is an edition of 850 and due for release next month

Integrity also let loose about two ‘Stage’ Accessory sets to come both featuring extra instruments, tour jackets and more. One for the Holograms, the other for the bad girl Misfits. Accessory sets will retail for $75 and due in March 2014.

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