Kingdom Doll: New 16″ Girls Coming 2014

A Brand New Line of Dolls From The United Kingdom

Kingdom Doll NoventaeNews has been steadily trickling about a brand new line of 16″ resin fashion dolls coming out in 2014. Their name is Kingdom Doll and they are based in the UK. The British isles also inspire much of the fashion and references for the dolls.

The first 16″ beauty to be released will be Nelson who sports their Novantae face sculpt. She is set for release in early January 2014 with more sculpts, outfits and dolls promised. The most recent FDQ features an editorial dedicated to her too. Here is some blurb from the Kingdom Doll website:

“An exciting new 16″ resin fashion doll with a range of head sculpts to reflect the strength, femininity, attitude and independence of the 21st century woman.  Inspired by the native tribes of Britain, Kingdom dolls have a diverse and enviable wardrobe combining modern design ethics with iconic and historical British references.”

And selection of gorgeous pics here:

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