Happy New Year 2014 (surprise sneak peek inside!)

Looking Forward to Another Year of Doll Blogging!

Just wanted to wish all you, dear readers, a very happy New Year and a joy (and doll!) filled 2014!

As a wonderful treat to get us started into 2014 here is sneak peek at the new Tonner Sindy doll which was posted on facebook by Vintage Sindy. They are keen to stress that the dolls in the pics are not productions dolls, but development samples. There is certainly a lot of talk from Sindy lovers about how true to the Pedigree original these dolls actually are. On the whole I think they look very promising (apart from the gingham girl who looks to0 young to me) and can’t wait to see how these turn out in production.

Tonner Sindy 1st Look

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