Fashion Doll ​Review: Tangkou Doll ‘Fairy’

Simon Farnworth
Tangkou Doll 'Fairy'

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On January 26, 2014
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An affordable, yet quality, alternative to large head, big eyed dolls such as Blythe and Pullips with an attractive affinity to Japanese style ball jointed dolls.

An Affordable Alternative to Blythe & Pullip

Tangkou Dolls are made by the 6th Sense Tang Doll Group in China. They are a native attempt to bridge the gap between between Blythe and Pullip dolls, complete with a BJD twist. The name Tangkou also has meaning as the word “Tang” means “China” which is also pronounced the same as the word for “candy” in China. “Kou” means “the result” and “initiation of fruits.”

Tangkou Doll 'Fairy'

Fairy is one of the latest editions to the Tangkou Doll line and is available worldwide in an edition of 2000. This particular girl came from E2046 in Hong Kong who specialise in Japanese anime-related models, toys and dolls.

Tangkou Doll Fairy comes in a colourful slip case box and is entertaining in itself even if it is just for the charmingly off, English translation (which is continued inside with her passport accessory). Her styling is vey manga and etherial fantasy but then she wouldn’t be much of a fairy, after all, if she wasn’t! As well as her wispy lace and sheer outfit, Fairy comes complete with a pair of divine pink horns which attach magnetically to her head and can be easily removed. I love the way they catch the light!

Tangkou Doll 'Fairy'

One big difference between Fairy and other similar dolls is the level of articulation to her hard plastic body. This would particularly appeal to all the doll photographers out there as she is highly posable.

Fairy’s Features:

  • 4 colours of eye chips (smoke grey, smoke blue, pink & light green)
  • 3 kind of eye expressions (center, left & right)
  • Colourful eyelids with eyelashes
  • Sleepy eyes function activated with a switch behind the head
  • Fully articulated Ball Jointed body
  • 33cm/13″ height
  • Original cover box with protection box.
  • Complete outfit
  • Accessories includes; Doll stand, nationality passport, certificate of authenticity with serial number and accessories.
  • Interchangeable wig
  • Removable Horns (with magnets)

All The Better to See You With

As with Blythe dolls, Fairy features ‘glass’ style eyes which can be changes 4 times via a button on the back of her head (unlike Blythe’s ring pull).

Fairy's Ever Changing Mood


Tangkou Fairy Sleep Eyes

Fairy goes sleepy time by byes!

  • A fully articulated body
  • Beautiful long comb-able wig cap hair which can be removed and switched for other Tangkou doll wigs
  • Amazingly reasonable price
  • Eyelids can be set to a ‘sleep’ position (see right)
  • Clothes and outfits can be purchased separately


  • The hard plastic body may not be to everybody’s taste
  • The eye mechanism is said be prone to jamming (though this hasn’t happened with my Fairy)
  • She isn’t really a ball jointed doll


If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Blythe and Pullip dolls but don’t want to compromise on quality or features then look no further than Fairy and the other Tangkou Dolls. If you are also a fan of more articulated, posable dolls then you will also be well catered for.

An affordable, yet quality, alternative to large head, big eyed dolls such as Blythe and Pullips with an attractive affinity to Japanese style ball jointed dolls.

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