LNDN, PRS, BRLN: Travelling in Superdoll Style!

BRLN and venus superdollAfter teasing us with a fabulously constructed shot of Venus standing in an airport setting, complete with fabulous looking luggage, our dreams came true: the luggage set is real and now on sale at Superdoll_Collectables!

What’s more there are two luggage sets: BRLN, a full four piece extravaganza and TRANSIT_A,  a smaller ‘ weekend away’ two piece set. Needless to say both are exquisite and appeal to my accessory obsession.

Here are the details in full:

BRLN SYB:AP_040 Superdoll Luggage Set

“BRLN 4 piece luggage set
set consists:
Large suitcase
Medium suitcase
Vanity case.

Mock crock in fresh emerald green and ‘gold’. All pieces in this collection are hard frame with slot and pin closures, canvas straps, custom clasps and gilt barbell detail. Lined in striped satin.Iinner detailing includes, crock framed mirror, elastic restraint straps, shoe pouches and ribbon placement holders. The detailing and craftsmanship of these luggage pieces is exquisite.”

TRANSIT_A SYB:AP_048 Superdoll Luggage Set



‘soft’ luggage set.
Set comprises:
1x garment carrier
1x ‘speedy’ weekender bag.

Beautifully crafted in custom monogram over mirror swirl. Piped and detailed in gorgeous ‘gold’.
Has ID label insert and comes with ‘gold’ metal hanger and shoulder wrap. The detailing and craftsmanship of these luggage pieces is awesome.”

Bothe sets are “Limited edition” and priced £155.00 and £62.00 respectively.


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