Simon Farnworth is “The Doll Observer”

Simon has written for several doll publications, including DOLLS Magazine, and is a regular columnist for Haute Doll Magazine. His successful doll blog, The Doll Observer, has been running since 2008. In 2013 he was invited to be a judge at the Industry’s Choice DOLLS Awards of Excellence, an honour that he is set to repeat.

As well as his blog, Simon is also the creator and community manager for the online doll collecting community, He also recently started an online doll directory with the aim of bringing collectors, businesses and website owners together. He also regularly attends doll conventions and shows whenever he can and loves to meet and support other collectors.

A Word From Your Host

Simon Farnworth (left) and Robert Best at IDC 2013

Simon (left) with Robert Best at IDC 2013

I never quite grew out of my childhood obsession with toys and collectables and have always had a keen interest in creating miniature worlds. In 1998, just as eBay began to emerge, I started collecting dolls. At first this was Sindy, the doll I remembered from childhood. However, as time went on, this progressed onto more ‘sophisticated’ collectable dolls. Having said that, pretty much all dolls – antique, vintage and modern hold a fascination for me.

I also enjoy nothing more that researching and learning about dolls, the manufacturers who bring them to market and the designers behind them.  I further enjoy nothing more than interacting with other collectors and sharing my knowledge and insight where I can. I hope you enjoy my blog, it is always a pleasure to welcome a new reader.