Barbie Basics Archive

Not long now until Barbie Basics 2.5

The official release for the next wave of the highly successful Barbie Basics is sometime in August. And this time they come with articulation, YAY! The prototype pics are veritably mouth-watering and the accessories  are looking pretty cool too. So far my favourite has just has to be model #14. How about you?

Immortalised on Wikipedia!

I learned today that my most humble blog has been used as a reference on Wikipedia! The relevant article uses a post I made about the Barbie Basic range a while back and is even entered as the number one reference for the article. Cool! The entry is a pretty comprehensive account of those

The LBD Barbie (Basics) style!

Time to get down to the Barbie Basics… I have had my eye on the Barbie Basics range of dolls for a while. I really think they are some of the best dolls released by Mattel for a while. I also love the fact that they can be accessorised to the hilt! Mmm… accessories!!
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