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Terri Gold with Robert Tonner at IDEX 2013

Interview With a Fashion Doll Lover: Terri Gold, Blogger Extraordinaire

Those wholesome (not) gals with the passion for fashion are back!

Bratz are back!

 Well it’s official. The girls with the fashion for passion and a knack for getting the world’s mothers all hot under the collar are set to be back with avengance. Having come through the ravages of various legal battles with Barbie‘s maker mattel Bratz dolls are cleared for sale once again. Whether, with the current […]

Barbie hits the big 5-0!

Barbie first hit the doll scene way back in 1959 making her exactly 50 years old on March 9th. Whether you love her or hate her (whilst still secretly loving her!) there’s no denying that without Barbie’s introduction to the market by Mattel there wouldn’t be the amazing array of fashion dolls we have today particularly those aimed at […]