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Horsman Ltd Haute Doll Exclusive ‘Heart Chairs’

JAMIEshow Flying Dragon Doll Close

Haute Doll Exclusives: Boardwalk Baby & JAMIEshow Flying Dragon

This year has not only seen the storming return of Haute Doll Magazine but also, with the August edition, the return of the amazing HD exclusive dolls and outfits. The first of these is the JAMIEshow Flying Dragon, Ling Lan designed exclusively by renowned haute-couture designer Guo Pei. This stunning 16″ beauty is a 50-piece limited edition. The […]

haute doll magazine cover

Haute Doll Magazine Gets a Relaunch… And Guess Who’s On-board?

Many of you will have heard the very happy news that Haute Doll magazine, a favourite among Fashion Doll Lovers, is about to be relaunched. The magazine is now the property of Jones Publishing after the merger of Doll Reader and Dolls Magazinea few months ago. The magazine will form part of the Dolls magazine subscription and […]