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Alma – Haute Doll Numina Exclusive Goes on Sale

Haute Doll Magazine have just listed their hotly anticipated Paul Pham designed Numina exclusive, Alma, who featured on the cover of the latest issue of Haute Doll. Here’s what it says on the sale site about her: “The daughter of a humble artisan plisseur in Argentina, Alma has grown to become a beautiful, tenacious and sought-after fashion

Horsman Ltd Haute Doll Exclusive ‘Heart Chairs’

In the recent edition of Haute Doll an exclusive Horsman Dolls Ltd chair was announced: The Heart Chair. Appropriately for the season these chairs are currently on offer as a pair… ahhh. The chairs are based on Verner Panton’s 1959 full-scale contemporary chair design and are a marvel of modern design for your 16″ Scale girls and boys! The chairs

Haute Doll Exclusives: Boardwalk Baby & JAMIEshow Flying Dragon

This year has not only seen the storming return of Haute Doll Magazine but also, with the August edition, the return of the amazing HD exclusive dolls and outfits. The first of these is the JAMIEshow Flying Dragon, Ling Lan designed exclusively by renowned haute-couture designer Guo Pei. This stunning 16″ beauty is a 50-piece limited edition.

Haute Doll Magazine Gets a Relaunch… And Guess Who’s On-board?

Many of you will have heard the very happy news that Haute Doll magazine, a favourite among Fashion Doll Lovers, is about to be relaunched. The magazine is now the property of Jones Publishing after the merger of Doll Reader and Dolls Magazinea few months ago. The magazine will form part of the Dolls

A new fashion doll mag on the block

With the demise of Haute Doll some time ago it is with great delight that I got to have a look at the latest fashion doll magazine in town. From what I have seen things look very promising! From the Sybarite cover star to the high fashion style shots we had come to know

Sybarite Generation 3:1

In the latest issue of Dolls Magazine we are treated to a glimpse of a brand new Sybarite doll from Team Superfrock complete with the new, and hotly anticipated, Generation 3:1 body. She is suspected to be a MarlB exclusive and looks rather stunning! Another teaser ad in the Haute Doll supplement which now comes

Haute Doll magazine bows out

It is with great sadness that I have learnt that Haute Doll magazine, a perennial favourite amongst fashion doll lovers, will soon be no more. It seems that the the publishers has become yet another victim to the ongoing economic downturn and have decided to ‘retire’ from publishing as from the July/September issue. Although

Haute Doll Fugu on pre-order… and sold out!

Well I never. The recently announced doll from Superfrock, Fugu went on the Haute Doll magazine site for pre order today and sold out already all without a final price and just with a $100 deposit. Here is what HD magazine had to say about this lovely gal: “Modern, yet richly cultural, exotic, yet steeped
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