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Ta- Da- Ta Da Superdoll Weddin Gown

Ta- Da- Ta Da. It’s Time for a Superdoll Wedding

ENIGMA – a New Line of Superdoll Sybarite Beauties

It’s a Superdoll ENIGMA! Yesterday saw the launch of not one, not two… but three new Sybarite dolls from Superdoll! The new line is entitled ENIGMA and the dolls are called MADAME, WELLINGTON and LANGTRY. The Superfrock.com shopping site has also had a much needed overhaul making the shopping and browsing experience much, much better. […]


Superdoll’s DANDYLION Outfit Now on Sale

Glamping With the DANDYLION The second of the 4 outfits in the MONOGLAM line from Superdoll, DANDYLION,  went on sale today on the Superfock site. With it’s delicate blue lace and chiffon it is perfect for, well, your new girl CHIFFON! Here’s the blurb: “Voltaire glamping it up in lace and corsetry! Glamping is hard work […]

Chiffon MONOGLAM Close Up

Say Hello to Superdoll Chiffon: MONOGLAM No. 3

Sybarite Chiffon: a Vision in Lemon! Today saw the release of CHIFFON, the 3rd girl in Superdoll’s latest collection, MONOGLAM. She is a vision in pastel yellow and sports the rarely used (but popular!) Voltaire sculpt. The boys also posted pics on facebook which show her wearing the powder blue  DANDYLION outfit which is due […]