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Emperis De Métier Doll now on Sale

The latest British made fashion doll from Emperis, De Métier, went on sale today in an edition of just five! She is available now on their website and retails for £380 plus shipping. Here is her official description: Emperis De Métier she is a 16″ resin ball jointed Caucasian skin tone doll with 21 articulated

Sindy Convention 2014 Exclusive Tonner Sindy

All the hard work by Melanie Quint, the brains behind the annual Sindy Convention and Retro Dolls, finally paid off this weekend at the latest Sindycon as the Tonner Sindy dolls were unveiled and a brand new convention exclusive was made available. Great to see her finally arrive after all the waiting!  

Midnight Celebration Barbie Con 2014 Barbie Doll Exclusive

This weekends Barbie Convention exclusive Barbie Doll is called Midnight Celebration Barbie and she is designed by the Italian duo Artist Creations. She comes in an African American version too. I think she’s stunning! Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Alma – Haute Doll Numina Exclusive Goes on Sale

Haute Doll Magazine have just listed their hotly anticipated Paul Pham designed Numina exclusive, Alma, who featured on the cover of the latest issue of Haute Doll. Here’s what it says on the sale site about her: “The daughter of a humble artisan plisseur in Argentina, Alma has grown to become a beautiful, tenacious and sought-after fashion

Mattel and Karl Lagerfeld Partner to Unveil Barbie Lagerfeld Doll

Barbie Lagerfeld is Coming This Fall Mattel Inc. and KARL LAGERFELD announced that two of the most known fashion icons have come together in a partnership to release the limited edition Barbie Lagerfeld doll this Fall. The doll will be released under the Barbie Collector label; additional doll and retail information will be available

2 More Poppy Parker Dolls Revealed at #IFDC

Integrity Toys have unveiled 2 more exclusive Poppy Parker dolls in celebration of her 5th Anniversary. The first is IT Girl Poppy Parker, 5th Anniversary Collection 2014 IFDC Convention Companion Doll and is a vision in aqua! The next is Glamorous Darling Poppy Parker, 5th Anniversary Collection 2014 IFDC Convention Exclusive Doll in an incredibly full lilac gown and accessories.

Integrity Toys Unveil IFDC Poppy Parker Evening Ingenue Doll

Sneak Peek – Poppy Parker Evening Ingenue Integrity Toys have unveiled a sneak peek of their IFDC direct exclusive 5th Anniversary Collection Poppy Parker doll – Evening Ingenue. She will be available for sale at the Las Vegas event as well as a small number for W Club members via lottery.

Prêt à Partir Victoire Roux – The Latest W Club Exclusive

Say hello to Prêt à Partir Victoire Roux Integrity Toys have just announced that there latest W Club Exclusive doll is going to be Prêt à Partir Victoire Roux and she is dressed perfectly for her trip to the Riviera, where she will be enjoying a much needed break!  I especially love her “beauty tool chest” and would love

Rockin’ Romance Jem: A Comic Con 2014 Exclusive

ROCKIN’ ROMANCE JEM Comic Con 2014 will see see the special edition Rockin’ Romance Jem doll on sale and will be available directly from the Hasbro Toy Shop (booth #3329) at Comic Con International: San Diego (SDCC) for the price of $139.99. All of the Hasbro Comic Con exclusive items will go on sale on preview

Ta- Da- Ta Da. It’s Time for a Superdoll Wedding

2 OOAKs and a SALON Outfit, Oh My! This afternoon was a rather exciting, if nail-biting time, for Superdoll fans  as they awaited the availability of a SALON exclusive outfit on the Supersite following an email announcement sent earlier in the day. The Superboys wished to celebrate love, in all its guises, on the